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Verizon Movie Trivia Commercials: Movies. 4G. Fast.



Verizon 4G LTEVerizon is launching a series of short trivia commercials to show off the 4G LTE network speed. Instead of going head tt head with AT&T and blowing things up Verizon is focusing on deliver movies as fast as a 3 word summary.

You won’t actually be able to download movies in 15 seconds, but if you have 4G MiFi adapter or use the 4G Mobile hotspot on your ThunderBolt, Charge or Revolution you can download movies to you notebook, iPad or iPhone in a snap. If you have the new Android Market and a non rooted device you can even take advantage of 4G right on your device!

Check out the Verizon 3 word movie trailer commercials below to see if you can guess which movie Verizon hints at. Just don’t look at the titles unless you want a really easy trivia game.

Spaceship, Stomach, Creature

Camp, Baby, Corner

War, Morocco, Piano

Pigs, Bucket, Prom

Plants, Pods, Doppelganger

Perfection, Feathers, Twin

Ambulance, Marshmallow, Slime

Ink, Piercings, Journalist

Skyscraper, Monkey, Biplanes

Mother, Shower, Knife

Gardener, Training, Dojo

Do these commercials get your interest in 4G, or is 4G still not able to deliver enough media to the current crop of Android devices?

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