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Verizon Officially Ends 1-Year Contracts



Well, we thought that Verizon was going to be ending 1-year contracts on April 17th but it turns out that Big Red has officially ended the option early with it now completely gone as a choice from the company’s website.


So, for those of you that were going to hold out until the 16th, it looks like you’re out of luck. Same goes for Verizon customers that always bought their handsets on 1-year contracts. Instead, you now have either a two-year contract or a month-to-month option to choose from.

Just in case you don’t want to go onto Verizon’s website for yourself, Droid-Life was kind enough to post a conversation with a customer rep that confirmed the early end to 1-year contracts. In fact, the option actually disappeared yesterday:

Zack: Why can I not select 1-year contract pricing for a phone?

Tristal (VZW rep): How are you this morning Zack?

Tristal: If you are upgrading, you have to be completely out of contract to get that option.

Zack: It showed me the option on Monday

Tristal: It does show the option, but as you continue with the order, you will see where it change back to 2 year depending on your eligible.

Zack: Even if you are not signed in to the account and just go to the verizon website it does not show 1-year contracts

Zack: I thought 1-year contracts were going away the 17th of April

Tristal: Ok, let me check. One moment please.

Tristal: Zack, the 1-year contract did go away yesterday for online orders.

And that’s how 1-year contracts have gone out. A whole 5 days early without any sort of an official announcement. Rest in peace, Verizon 1-year contracts. Having the choice of selecting you will certainly be missed.

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