Verizon Share Everything Delivers Shared Data, Mobile Hotspot & More

Shared data plans on Verizon are finally a reality, and Verizon didn’t stop there.

The new Shared Everything plans on Verizon offer unlimited shared minutes and unlimited messaging as well as shared data plans between 10 devices.

Not only has Verizon doubled the number of devices users can put on a family plan, they’ve also made 4G LTE tablets an attractive option with $10 a month access when added to a Share Everything plan. And, tablets don’t need a contract to join a plan for this price.

It gets even better. Every phone and tablet on the Share Everything plan includes mobile hotspot at no additional charge.

Sound good? I’m already looking to switch my family plan over when the new shared data plans launch on June 28th. The plans are open to new and existing Verizon customers.

Share Everything Plan Details

Verizon Share Everything Plan LogoThe new Verizon Share Everything plans offer some of the most straightforward plan pricing we’ve seen from a cell phone company.

Pick the number of device to connect in the first column, and then the monthly data amount needed on the right, and add the numbers up. That’s how much the Share Everything plan will cost per month.

Step 1

Step 2

Monthly Line Access

(per device)







Monthly Account Access

(shared with up to   10 devices)


Smartphones $40Basic Phone -$30Jetpacks/USBs/Notebooks/Netbooks – $20Tablets  – $10



1 GB




2 GB




4 GB




6 GB




8 GB




10 GB


Don’t forget that this includes the Mobile hotspot feature as well as unlimited minutes and texts. The plan works for 3G and 4G LTE devices so you can mix the iPhone 4S with the Samsung Galaxy S III. There is only an unlimited plan offer for smartphones.

How Much Can You Save with Share Everything

With four data smartphones on our family share, the bill averages around $300 a month, and when my dad gets a smartphone in July it would have jumped to at least $330 per month.

With the new Share Everything Plan we’ll upgrade to unlimited minutes and share 10GB of Data, with mobile hotspot functions, and pay about $300 a month. I have a feeling 10GB may be a bit much for data on our account, so we might be able to knock the data portion down to 6GB per month and drop the bill to about $280 a month.

Verizon Share Everything Calculator

Use the Verizon Share Everything Calculator to see how much you can save.

That sounds incredibly expensive, but it’s for 5 smartphones with a lot of minutes used. At the least, these new plans will save my family $30 a month and likely save $50 a month, while adding unlimited calling and adding the mobile hotspot feature that normally adds $30 a month to my line while traveling.

Verizon Shared Data Plans - HotspotIn total the new family data share plans on Verizon will save me between $360 and $600 a year on the basic plan. Add in another $90 in savings to account for three months of mobile hotspot usage which is now included and there’s $450 to $690 in savings!

Of course this means I will have to give up unlimited data, but with three average use smartphone users on the plan I still have plenty of data for my lines.

Verizon has a handy calculator to show you how much your family plan will be on the new Share Everything plans.

Check out the Share Everything Calculator

Verizon Shared Data Plans - Data Only

Share Everything includes deals on data only plans.

You can even add in basic phones to the plan at a cheaper price or opt for data only plans with a tablet and a USB modem or hotspot like the JetPack MiFI 4620L with a shared plan.

Are you switching to the shared data plan goodness of Verizon Share Everything?