Verizon Support: Our Samsung Galaxy S II Will Have 4G LTE (Updated)

Updated: Verizon has, obviously, started to perform damage control on the situation. False alarm? Possibly, but there is definitely still hope.

About 40 minutes ago, Verizon support tweeted out something that probably is going to get a lot of you extremely excited, especially in the wake of the Motorola Droid Bionic’s possible September release. Heck, this would be just as exciting even if the Droid Bionic was going to launch in August. OK, so here is the deal. Verizon’s Support twitter account responded to this question, “@samsungtweets Is there anyway you can let us know if the Galaxy SII for VZW will have 4G? It will make many decisions easier if it is” with a response that we’ve all be dying to hear. Now before you start popping open the champagne, it’s very possible that this could be a mistake. They could very well be referring to the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Galaxy S II Tweet

@sparty569 Great news! The Samsung Galaxy SII will have 4G. ^LM

On the other hand, the question was as clear as day so it’s very possible that Verizon just jumped the gun by accident and confirmed that, yes, their Galaxy S II device will be coming with 4G LTE support. Until there is an official announcement though, take this as a rumor and not as something official. Still, it’s an extremely exciting development.

Now all we need is a glimpse of what the phone looks like. Remember, we’ve already seen two AT&T Galaxy S II’s and Sprint’s variant as well.

Via: Droid-Life