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Verizon Takes Ad Truthiness Battle Against AT&T To Court



Goodness sakes. Verizon and AT&T are battling over who has the most reliable network. So, in its next move Verizon is asking a federal court to validate its claim that it has “America’s most reliable 3G Network.”

While this is really about big boys trying to mark out their territory with bodily fluids, Verizon is basing its appeal to the court on what it says that AT&T’s position” relies on the incorrect premise that speed is an essential element of the standard of measuring network reliability.” AT&T calls that “preposterous.

I’m not siding with either party here (they both have a lot to answer for, but what I find preposterous is that AT&T would even think about engaging in this kind of fight.

Just remember all those charges for SMS messages, Data plans, etc… are paying for this bout of legal folderol.

Reuters via Gizmodo

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