Verizon to Assess $2 Convenient Fee for Online, Phone Payments

Beginning January 15, Verizon Wireless will begin charging customers a $2 convenience fees to their bill if they opt to pay their bills online or via phone. Not all is bad news, however, as there are still ways to avoid the $2 charge each month.

Customers paying by electronic check, or ACH transfer, will have the $2.00 fee waived, so it appears that the $2 fee is only assessed for credit card transactions. For those who want to set up an automatic AutoPay each month, the $2 fee will be waived regardless of what payment method is used–electronic check, credit card, debit card. A third option would be to send in your paper bill stub with a check or credit card info.

The carrier says that the convenience fees will help them ‘to continue to support bill payment options in these channels,’ referring to online, phone, and through the company’s automated phone system.

Via: Droid-life