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Verizon to Introduce Tiered Data Plans on July 7th? (Updated)



We have known that July 6th is the day that the free 4G LTE mobile hotspot promotion will end. We have also heard that July 7th is the rumored release date of the Motorola Droid 3. Well, you can add another possible big release to the 7th as a report from Droid-Life indicates that tiered data plans will be headed to Verizon that very day.


Verizon confirmed that it would be ending unlimited data sometime this summer in favor of tiered data and it looks like that day is coming up pretty quickly. While unofficial, this is what those tiered plans will apparently look like for both 3G and 4G data plans. There apparently will be no difference.

For 2GB of data, you’ll have to pay $30 per month. For 5GB you’ll pay $50 per month and for 8GB of data, it’ll cost you $80 per month. If you want to add tethering, it’s going to cost you an extra $20 per month (not as bad as 4G LTE owners probably thought) and will look like this.

4GB will be $50 a month, 7GB for $70 per month and for 12GB per month it’s going to be $100 monthly. If you somehow manage to go over any of those, it’s going to cost you an extra $10 per GB.

As far as a comparison to AT&T, Ma Bell currently offers 200MB per month for $15, 2GB for $25 and 4GB for $45. So, AT&T is a little cheaper but Verizon also has a 4G LTE network and AT&T doesn’t. Yet.

Tablet plans will jump up to $30 for 2GB per month. That’s an increase over the $20/mo that Verizon currently charges. All of this of course will apply to new contracts which means it won’t affect you if you’re already under contract.

Again, this isn’t official just yet, but it seems extremely likely considering all of the things swirling around July 6th and July 7th. Is anyone going to be making a move to a carrier like Sprint because of these prices?

Update: It looks like this is indeed coming soon as Engadget has scored an internal memo from Verizon that reads like so:

Data Pricing Evolution…The Present

Our legacy data pricing structure was designed to address a somewhat different customer need profile than what we are seeing and can expect in the future.

Consider this. Data usage has more than doubled over the last three years. Consumers and business users alike are doing more and more with their mobile devices. The notion of “send and end” has migrated to “managing multiple aspects of one’s lifestyle through mobility.” Whether it’s social media (85%+ of Smartphone users), mobile internet (88%+ of Smartphone users), or email/applications (71%+ of Smartphone users), this usage has one thing in common-dramatically increased demand for data and media consumption.

As a result, we are evolving our approach around how we package our data solutions and pricing to our customers. Coming soon, Verizon Wireless will move from our existing pricing format to a structure designed to allow customers to choose the right data solution that best aligns with their needs.

The Value Benefit Equation…
With the new usage based pricing plans, the vast majority of our customers will be able to enjoy their typical level of data consumption for the same value that they outlay today. Additionally, for those who have greater requirements for data, we will have solutions that they can tailor to their unique needs.

Perhaps more importantly, given our strong desire to continue to provide enhanced capability and value to our customers, the new data pricing will apply to both our 3G AND 4G LTE networks. So in essence, for those customers in our ever and rapidly expanding 4G LTE network coverage footprint, users will gain the benefit of the fastest and most advanced 4G LTE network in the U.S. all for the same usage based value. More speed. More functionality. Same value.



  1. Garrettg23

    06/20/2011 at 6:35 pm

    I was planning on getting the droid 3 but i’m gonna have to pass if they do apply these tiered data plans before it comes out. Verizon is already the most expensive network plus the samsung glalaxy 2 doesn’t sound that bad.

    • Nekocomet_144

      06/21/2011 at 6:33 am

      I’m in the exact same boat. I WAS waiting for Droid 3. any chance if I change to an unlimited data plan now I can get grandfathered in on that?

  2. Souljunkie78

    06/21/2011 at 2:32 pm

    I signed a two year contract with Verizon when the original Droid came out. I was going to sign a new contract and get the Droid 3 as an upgrade. Now I’m seriously thinking of passing on it. First of all rumor has it the Droid 3 will be 3G not 4G. So if I sign a new contract I will have to pay the same amount as 4G users while using a new device with 3G? This does not seem fair. I WAS happy with Verizon and even recommended their service to friends and family. I think those days are coming to a close. Tiered plans? New phones without 4G support? Verizon, you are dropping the ball and I might just have to drop you……

  3. Iammobilechris

    06/21/2011 at 3:30 pm

    Sprint is looking better & better!… Works off the vzw network for free, Unlimited everything for 80, loving it!

  4. Joe

    07/02/2011 at 2:36 am

    If you look on Droid-Life’s site it has a whole article on how current contracted Unlimited Data Usage customers will be in fact grandfathered into it. They will also get to keep Unlimited Data Usage for years to come. This only applies to new lines and current family/single plans that want to get Unlimited Data Usage after July 7th. So existing customers for Unlimited Data Usage gets a HUGE break from the tiered plan.

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