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Verizon to Launch $50 Unlimited Prepaid Plan on Thursday



According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Verizon is poised to offer a new $50 unlimited prepaid plan in a bid to lure in customers from Boost Mobile – which is owned by Sprint – and MetroPCS. Both Boost Mobile and MetroPCS offer customers service that is free from binding contracts.

Big Red will introduce the new plan, which offers unlimited calling, text and internet use, on Thursday of this week and it will be available to those at Verizon retail stores, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. This new plan is actually not new. In fact, Verizon launched it back in April in selected markets calling it ‘Unleashed.’

Verizon Unleashed Data Plan

Verizon’s $50 per month puts is squarely in the mix with the competition. AT&T’s GoPhone plan offers the same services for $50, MetroPCS offers them for $45 per month with 4G LTE plans coming in higher, Virgin Mobile sits at $55, and Boost Mobile costs $50 per month. Boost Mobile’s price can go lower if certain conditions are met while Virgin Mobile’s plans can dip if customers want fewer minutes.

Verizon won’t be offering any big time smartphones with this plan either. The phones from Samsung, LG  and Pantech are not smartphones which makes that unlimited web perk a little less appetizing.

However, for those that just need the basics, Verizon’s contract-less plan might be something to take a look at.


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