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Verizon to Offer LTE 4G Service Contract-Free w/Same Rates



Verizon will be offering the same $50 and $80 per monthLTE 4G rates to customers that don’t want to bother with a two-year contract. There is a catch however. Those that don’t opt for the Verizon contract will have to pay the full $249.99 cost of the LTE 4G modem. Signing on the dotted line brings the cost of the modem down to $99.99, but of course you’re stuck with a two-year contract. If you know you’re going to use the LTE 4G modem on a regular basis for the next two years, it makes sense to take advantage of the subsidy. But if you’re like a lot of people and only need wireless broadband when traveling for business or pleasure, it makes much more sense to go the contract-free route.

via SlashGear.

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