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Verizon To Stop Offering One-Year Contracts Starting April 17th



Gadget University has gotten a hold of some documents that indicate that Verizon is planning on discontinuing one year contracts effective April 17th.

Verizon 1-Year Contracts Are Dead

So, what’s the reason for the switch? According to Verizon, it’s because there hasn’t been a high demand for 1-year contracts with the prices only offering a small discount over the full retail price of Verizon branded handsets.

It also will apparently “streamline” the upgrade process and limited customer confusion.

Anyone on a one-year contract, signed before April 17th, will not be affected and will be able to continue with the plan until it runs out. Of course, after that happens, it will be between sigining a two-year contract or a month-to-month contract.

So if you were looking to sign up for a one-year contract on Verizon, you only have a few days to so before this change takes effect.


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