Verizon Wireless: "Something Is Coming" - Okay, But What?
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Verizon Wireless: “Something Is Coming” – Okay, But What?



Could it be? Yes, it could! Something’s coming, something good.

Yes, Verizon Wireless has me singing Sondheim. But really, what other reaction can one expect when you put a mysterious “Something is Coming” on the front page of your site, then won’t tell anyone when this something will happen? Arg, so frustrating. And now I have an earworm.

Something’s coming / I don’t know / what it is / but it is / gonna be great!

We can only hope.

Verizon Wireless -Something Is Coming

Since this “something” is happening the day before the new iPad announcement it’s not a stretch to guess that it’s somehow related. Especially with the news that the tablet will finally get in on the 4G LTE action.

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Usually Apple doesn’t let their partners give anything away before the big launch (officially). Then again, since Tim Cook became permanent CEO many things have changed.

Still, the only exciting thing I can think of is that the carrier will finally announce family data plans or something along those lines. Perhaps the triumphant return of the unlimited data plan? Ha, fat chance.

The air is humming. / And something great is coming!

Ah, west side optimism.

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