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Verizon’s Double 4G LTE Data Promo Ends June 5th



It appears that Verizon’s double 4G LTE data offer will be ending in just a few days on June 5th.

Originally, we thought that Verizon’s double 4G LTE data offer would be ending on June 3rd but in an email, Wirefly has confirmed that the carrier’s promotion will instead be ending on June 5th.

That gives customers of retailers like Wirefly and Verizon itself just seven days to take advantage of the offer.

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The offer allows customers to double up the data on Verizon’s tiered data plans for the same price that they would normally cost.

So, until June 5th, customers will be able to snag double data. The difference looks like this:

  • Normal Offer: 2GB/mo for $30 After Promo: 4GB/mo for $30
  • Normal Offer: 5GB/mo for $50 After Promo: 10GB/mo for $50
  • Normal Offer: 10GB/mo for $80 After Promo: 20GB/mo for $80

This will be the second time that Verizon has ended its double data promotion. The first promotion lasted from November until January. The carrier then brought back the offer in February and it has since been available to customers that are signing up for a new contract or renewing a current one.

Now, keep in mind, this is coming from Wirefly and not Verizon. Verizon hasn’t said anything officially as far as we know. We’ve reached out to them for comment. However, the date does fall into the same week as the rumored data so it appears likely.

Verizon also may be quietly ending the plan so as not to frustrate consumers.

If this is true, it could not come at a worse time.

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The carrier is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III later on this month on its 4G LTE network and those interested in the device may not have access to these double 4G LTE plans.

That would be a shame.

We’ll keep you posted.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Janet

    05/31/2012 at 7:18 am

    I can’t understand why Verizon just can’t keep the data plans like that, instead of starting this “Family Share Data Crap” that Verizon lies about to begin with by saying their customers have asked for it. Because I truly don’t think customers would ask for a data plan bundled together like they do with the family texting bundle. And I know for a FACT that people like myself that have been grand-fathered in to the unlimited data plan are definitely NOT happy with this. What really makes you mad is when you sign a contract with Verizon, AT&T, etc; & we the customers are “FORCED” to abide by it or face a big stiff fine if not. But it’s nothing wrong with them putting in their so-called contract that they can change anything they want in it at any given time. Too bad the customer doesn’t have the option of fining them if they change anything while you are under this contract.

    And I think everyone knows what I’m talking about now. For the ones that don’t know; I’m talking about that “NICE UNLIMITED DATA PLAN” that AT&T did away with. That same one that Verizon said they weren’t going to mess with. ( I think we all knew it was just a matter of time before they followed suit behind AT&T ) And I find the way they are choosing to do this in very very “POOR TASTE” to their customers.

    Putting an article on the internet stating that there is only one way for the customers to keep their unlimited plan they were grand-fathered into. And that would be to pay “FULL PRICE” for a new phone. Gee thanks Verizon. We will just all go out & buy an I-phone for around $700.00. Or about the same for an Android phone. no big deal. But I have decided to keep my data plan ( if it works out for me ) by not getting my up-grade when it’s time.

    I don’t know how some people feel about being able to get that shiny new Droid ( in my case ) for that “new every two” discounted rate, But I always look forward to that 24th month in my contract because I love electronics & by the end of my contract I have read up on all the new phones & know exactly what I want. But I really have enjoyed my Droid X since the 1st day I got it; so I’ve decided to keep on hanging onto it for as long as it will last me.

    I know it could go out tomorrow; but then again it could last me another 3 or 4 years. And the article stated that as long as you kept your phone & didn’t take advantage of your upgrade; you could keep your unlimited data plan. So I’m really hoping & praying my Droid X will just keep on ticking. It would serve Verizon right for people do the very same thing.

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