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Verizon’s Secret $70 iPhone & Android Plan Revealed



Verizon switched over to Shared Everything plans last summer, which lists the cheapest Verizon plan for new users at $80 with barely any data, but there is an unadvertised smartphone plan for individuals who need more data than minutes.

The Verizon 450 Talk plan is a semi-secret iPhone and Android plan on Verizon that new customers can get with full access to 4G LTE data and a lower monthly fee.

This secret Verizon smartphone plan includes 450 minutes, no texting plan and 2GB of data for $70 a month. Users can pay per text and can add a hotspot for an additional monthly fee.

Verizon WirelessFor users who need data, but don’t want to connect other devices, don’t talk on the phone much and don’t want to use a personal hotspot, this plan saves $30 a month over the 2GB Share Everything plan, or $720 over two years.

Thats enough to pay full price for a new iPhone 5S or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

While users can certainly add a hotspot or pay per text, any additions to the $70 iPhone and Android plan push the cost closer to that of the new Share Everything Plans, which offer unlimited calling, unlimited texting and include using the iPhone or Android as a personal hotspot at no extra charge.

Users can purchase the Verizon 450 Talk plan in store or on the phone only. There is no option to choose this plan online. We learned about the plan from a reader while doing the iPhone 5 carrier comparison.

We confirmed this plan with with a Verizon AL, a Verizon reseller who caters to Pro athletes, musicians and the average cell phone user.

In theory users can walk into any Verizon store and get this plan, but there is a chance that not every sales associate will know what you are talking about. If that’s the case @VerizonAl tells Gotta Be Mobile that he is able to work with new Verizon customers looking for this plan.

This secret iPhone plan doesn’t make Verizon the cheapest iPhone carrier, as AT&T and T-Mobile beat the lowest price for an iPhone 5 or smartphone by $10 and $20 respectively, but it is perhaps the cheapest Verizon 4G LTE plan available.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. evgamer

    03/27/2013 at 7:57 am

    It seems to me that it doesn’t make a difference really. I am not sure who this plan is specifically aimed at. A lot of people text these days so it really doesn’t make sense to have a plan for data and minutes and no texting bundle. Text messages use very little data and should be wrapped in with the data package. For those that utilize WiFi, 2GB per month can go a long way and leave plenty of room for instantly messaging someone.

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