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VIA Fights Back Against Intel’s Atom



Most of the chipset news recently has been all about Intel’s Atom chipset, especially as relates to NetBooks, (or whatever you want to call them.) Well, it looks like VIA, makers of the Nano chipset is fighting back with a new campaign. It features the video below showing a head to head comparison (keep in mind this is generated by VIA) with a VIA OpenBook Mini-Note running at 1.3GHz versus an Asus Eee PC running an Intel Atom 1.6GHz. The brief shots in the video show both running HD video and at least in this viewing the Nano outshines the Atom. Also note that VIA is showing off the Nano running 1.3GHz which hasn’t been really reviewed yet.


Nothing at all wrong with some competition here and VIA does have some ground to make up in market and mindshare. For a promotional piece not only does this video poke right at Atom’s performance, but it uses some recent comments by Intel’s Paul Otellini, (“You’re dealing with something that most of us wouldn’t use”) along with some heart pumping music that has a “here comes the marching army to the rescue” feel. 


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