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VIA Introduces Trinity Platform Utilizing Via Nano Processor



VIA is making a big splash this year at CES 2009, culminating in perhaps its most compelling creation to date. The Trinity platform allows for spectacular High Definition video playback using very modest hardware. Gone are the days of massive drains on power and money with what VIA had to show at their Lunch at Piero’s event. Utilizing VIA’s Nano processor, VIA VX800 chipset, and an S3 Chrome 435 or 500 series discreet GPU (hence the Trinity nomenclature), VIA has achieved dramatically high performance at equally dramatic low prices. The S3 Chrome 400 series comes with up to 256MB DDR3 dedicated RAM and the 500 series has up to 512MB. Check out the Blu-Ray Disc playback in the video after the jump and prepare to be impressed. VIA hopes to start bringing the Trinity line into smaller devices in the near future.

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