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VIA Nano Pouncing Intel Atom Debunked



Earlier this morning, Warner posted about VIA releasing a marketing video showcasing the new Nano going head-to-head with Intel’s Atom. In the VIA-produced video, the Atom burps and staggers as it struggles to play a 1080p demo video whereas the VIA chip runs buttery smooth in comparison. just released his own video of an EEE PC running the Atom processor that plays the exact same video just fine. All marketing ploys aside, I think one of the worst things to discount your own credibility is to try to pull a fast one on consumers, especially when said consumers include knowledgeable tech junkies.

Update: To avoid any further misunderstandings, I am not claiming VIA as a whole should be discredited. I am claiming, however, that without knowing the full specifications on both machines, especially in terms of software, the VIA demonstration should not be used as an illustrative representation of the Atom’s lack of performance, as proven by jkkmobile.


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