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on has done quite an extensive job comparing Ultra-Mobile PC processor options. They have extensive benchmarks in this report, which show that the VIA C7-M ULV processor appears to be the processor of choice for an Ultra-Mobile PC. This chart shows the battery life comparison that they draw some of their conclusions from:

Is the VIA C7-M processor the best choice for all applications and mobile devices? Not exactly. But for the Ultra-Mobile PC, it may make sense as stated by their conclusion:

“The VIA C7-M processor is a paradigm shifting product range that may very well redefine the valued mobile market. Power thrifty mobile processors have been a big cash cow for Intel and other vendors. Notebooks with the battery life and form factor of the 1.5GHz VIA C7-M ULV TwinHead E12BL continue to sell for $2,000 or more, yet the TwinHead E12BL or other C7-M processor based notebooks are expected to retail for under $1,000 in the United States. If such C7-M processor based offerings can manage to push the price down to under $500, this would cause one of the rare inflection points in computing history.

While the C7-M ULV processor lags well behind the Pentium-M in encoding and scientific applications, it delivers quite good performance in precisely the most important areas of notebook computing, responsiveness and security, while setting industry leading battery life records. The C7-M processor, with its miniscule economical die is very nearly ideal for the mobile markets that it targets.”

Go to their site and read the entire report. It’s worth the time.

Source: Time for The Carrypad blog

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