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Video Blogging Quality: A Conversation Ensues




A interesting conversation got started at BloggerCon IV about video blogging and the quality of productions. Robert Scoble picked up on it, as have others. As GottaBeMobile’s InkShows are some of this site’s most viewed content, I think the discussion of the quality of production values is an interesting one. Some are arguing for more quality and some are arguing for the sanctity of the amateur feel–that it lends more authenticity.

For as many new video blog entries I have seen, I have seen almost the same number of bloggers apologizing upfront for it being a first attempt and self-described shaky quality. To my mind, this approach lends a special degree of credibility, as I know I’m getting someone’s passionate attempt at communicating an opinion and not putting forth a package. On the other hand, I’m sure viewers who want more will eventually look for better production values if they are to keep coming back. Is there a middle ground?

What’s your opinion?

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