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Video of the Gigabyte M528 MID



The CeBit Boys, jkkmobile and Steve “Chippy” Paine give us another interesting video, this time of the GigaByte M528 MID.


In his post, Chippy talks a bit about the Moblin software platform and the focus that seems to be going on behind the scenes for these devices, which I find interesting.

Something is happening behind Intel’s Atom branding that’s more than just silicon development. There’s a software infrastructure building that is big, financially supported and not far removed from the way Apple are doing things with the iPhone. The control is there. The guidelines are there. The restricted hardware set is there. The ISV process seems to be both accessible and well controlled and with 150 people working on the Moblin core and distribution through partners like Canonical and Asianux who are also working on optimisations and UI, you know there’s some big numbers involved.

While I’m in the camp that says news from CeBit was mostly lackluster, GigaByte looks like they were one of the few companies to score some points with their upcoming products. Now if they can ever get to market, we’ll see just how much so.

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