Nexus 7 Owners Report Touchscreen Issues (Video)

With any big product launch there’s at least a few units that have some significant problems, and the Nexus 7 is no different. Some users are experiencing issues with the touchscreen on their new tablets, especially after playing games.

According to, some Nexus 7 units have issues where at times a portion of the touchscreen won’t wonk, or only work sporadically. The issue is most common after the user plays a game or any other processor-intensive task. After a few minutes a portion of the touchscreen becomes unresponsive and won’t register the user’s finger for more than a second if at all.

In the video, writer Ryan Whitman shows about half of the screen on his Nexus 7 after playing a few minutes of Puddle. The section is on top when held in landscape, and on the right when held in portrait mode. Because the same section is always affected, it sounds like more of a hardware issue than a software issue to us.

Whitman speculates that heat from the processor can contribute to the issue, but we don’t know for certain.

The issue resolves itself after the user turns the screen off an on again. It’s nice that it doesn’t require a full restart, but it makes us wonder exactly what the problem is. If heat does cause the issue, turning the screen off for a second shouldn’t fix it, and yet it seems to.

This doesn’t look like a common issue, nobody on the GottaBeMobile team has reported the issue yet, but there are other reports on the web of an unresponsive screen in the tablet. With any luck the next shipment of tablets won’t have this issue.