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Vintagio Helps iPhone Users Make Vintage Films



A new video app from MacPhun called Vintagio promises to turn iPhone videos into nice vintage quality videos with filters and audio soundtracks. We’ve got samples that show pretty interesting results created with this app. It’s on sale now for just $.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Vintagio takes the videos an iPhone user creates and can quickly turn them into a black-and-white silent film style video. The app de-saturates the video and reduces the frame rate to give it that jerky silent film look. The included soundtracks will add that piano audio to complete the job.

Vintagio vintage video app for iphone

Vintagio does more than silent films. Other filters include the following:

  • 80s Disco Blast
  • 70s Crazy Grooving
  • 60s Hippie Fair
  • 50s Sepia
  • 20s Newborn
  • Classic Black & White
  • Classic Sepia

The app includes 11 soundtracks and lets the user upload their own music from the iPhone. The app will add the “vintage scratches” to make it look and sound like it comes from the good old days.

Here’s a pair of samples made using Vintagio:

Here’s the other:

Vintagio will speed up the video to make it look like a silent film or slow the speed by a half to give it a dramatic slow motion look. The user can also reverse the video for a funny effect. A pro mode offers more granular control over the effects the app adds to the video.

vintagio sharing feature

The app includes sharing via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook or to the phone’s camera¬†roll. Users can also view videos made by other users from within the app.

For just a buck, this fun app should find its way onto the iPhones of those who like to make fun videos instead of the tired iPhone videos we usually see.

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