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Virgin Mobile Says Blend, Mulch & Drown Your Phone to Switch (Video)



Virgin Mobile is taking aim at users tied to long, expensive contracts with a number of “Happy Accidents” in a new ad series that shows contract customers experiencing phone loss in humorous ways to switch from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T to the no-contract Virgin Mobile service.

In the new video actors destroy their phones on purpose to escape contracts. While the commercial skips over the expensive early termination fee these users would need to pay in real life, and the money they could make selling their old phones, who doesn’t love to see gadget destruction

Frustrated customers,

  • phone wood chipperDrop a phone of a balcony
  • Toss one in a glass of wine
  • Leave a phone in a taxi
  • Hand it over to a group of ‘thugs’
  • Nail-gun a phone to a ceiling
  • Microwave a phone instead of a burrito
  • Abandon a phone in a port-a-potty
  • Toss a phone under a truck
  • Mow over a phone with a lawnmower
  • Casually toss a phone into a junkyard
  • Drop a phone into Biohazard waste
  • Mulch a new phone in a wood chipper
  • Drop a phone into a bed pan
  • Blend a phone, though not in a Blendtec blender.
  • Wash, Toast, Fry and otherwise destroy phone, after phone.

I’d never recommend destroying a phone to get a new phone on Virgin Mobile, but the ad is good at catching my attention. Virgin Mobile offers coverage on Sprint with some of the best phones out there. For as low as $35 a month users get unlimited, but throttled after 2.5GB, data and a decent amount of minutes and texts. Virgin Mobile offers mobile hotspot for $15 a month, which allows tablets, laptops and other WiFi devices to share the phone’s connection.

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Virgin Mobile takes home two spots in our best smartphones of 2012 picks. The first for the iPhone 4S. This is not a watered down model, but the same one available on contract at the major carriers. The iPhone 4S is $649 up front, but still vastly cheaper over the course of two years. Also on the list is the HTC EVO V, a model similar to the HTC EVO 3D from Sprint.

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