Virgin Mobile USA Partners with WalMart to Deliver Affordable Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Plan

After yesterday’s AT&T MiFi 2372 announcement with a rather high price for data use, it seems that Virgin Mobile, via Sprint’s Now Network, is looking to beat AT&T in both the post-paid and pre-paid market offerings for mobile broadband data pricing by adding a new mid-tier plan exclusive to WalMart customers who have purchased or will purchase a MiFi unit from WalMart online or in WalMart retail stores.

Currently, Virgin Mobile customers on pre-paid can enjoy unlimited data for $40 per month or $10 for 100 MB of data compared to AT&T’s 5 GB for $60 monthly on post-paid. With the WalMart option, customers who have purchased or will purchase a Virgin Mobile MiFi unit from WalMart can also enjoy a mid-tier data option for 1 GB of data at $20.

The plan is effective today for customers on Virgin Mobile’s prepaid network and is good for either the Novatel Wireless MiFi® 2200 device or Ovation™ MC760 USB data modem. WalMart will also be selling $20 top-up cards to refill your pre-paid account as well.

The company says that this is only good for WalMart customers so if you’ve purchased your MiFi or USB modem from another source, you’re out of luck for now, but hopefully we’ll see this data pricing option trickle down for other customers as well. Virgin Mobile USA already offers one of the most aggressively priced pre-paid wireless plan for mobile broadband data.