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Virginia Tech and Tablet PCs – a followup



Glenda Scales, Associate Dean, Research and Computing College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has posted a followup on their rationale in moving to the Tablet PC for the College of Engineering. Very good reading. Looks like some good online conversations are taking place in regards this topic. It is good to see the Ms. Scales engage in the conversation. Here is an intro to the article and a link to the full story at

It has always been the philosophy of Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering to get the right technology in the hands of our students. This reasoning fostered our decision in 1984 to become the first large public university to require our entering engineering freshmen to purchase a PC. This pioneering decision provided our engineering students with a state-of-the-art technological undergraduate education.

In 2002, the time was right for the College of Engineering to switch the requirement to a notebook. Today, in order to provide the opportunity for our engineering students to continue their education at the cutting edge of technology, we are moving to the Convertible Tablet PC. Use of this device in and outside of class will provide our students with experiences that they will use in the future.

…Although there are numerous choices available for computers, the Tablet platform offers the college and its incoming students the best platform for teaching and learning in the engineering educational environment.

By moving to a Convertible Tablet PC requirement all previous computer requirement specifications will be exceeded. The Tablet PC offers expanded functionality over standard notebook computers, which will aid students in the classroom and in their day to day activities now and in the future.

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