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VisionObjects Software to be Used in Classmate Convertible Tablet PCs



We fell in love with Intel’s Classmate Convertible Tablet PC during CES ( see our video of CTL’s 2GoPC here). With only XP Home shipping on them, though, some good handwriting recognition software is needed on those little guys. That is where VisionObjects comes in to save the day. Their press releases announces that their recognition software is being optimized for use on the classmate pcs. Press release below:

Vision Objects, the leading provider of the industry standard in handwriting recognition software announces its MyScript technology will be optimized for the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC design.

Built on Intel ® architecture and powered by the Intel ® Atomâ„¢ processor, the Intel-powered classmate PC offers affordable and functional designs to support a wide variety of classroom applications and activities. Designed with students in mind, classmate PCs are small and light enough for a child to easily carry. Equipped with a water-resistant keyboard, the classmate PC is also ““backpack friendly” — able to withstand bumping in a backpack and accidental drops by students. The Vision Objects’ handwriting recognition solution named MyScript Stylus, a powerful and interactive text input method designed for all stylus or pen-based input devices will be optimized for the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC design, utilizing the touch screen features of the design.

With MyScript Stylus, students can use the Intel-powered classmate PC design as an exercise book. They will be able to write in the same manner as they would write with a pen and paper by simply using a stylus or their finger directly on the touch screen. Thanks to MyScript Stylus, the use of PCs is more natural and intuitive for children as they retrieve what they write in active applications in real-time; they can also store information and edit it as needed.

““We are very pleased to work with Intel in this initiative by offering children and students the best of our technology. Writing is the basis of educational learning, thanks to MyScript. Young kids will have access to computer using a natural way of communication: the writing. Indeed, keyboards are not suited for a lot of languages like: Arabic, Chinese or Japanese”, said Jean-Marc Aichoun, VP Sales and Marketing at Vision Objects.



  1. Dodot

    02/05/2009 at 5:30 pm

    Hey Rob! Would you know if this already comes with the Classmate PCs being sold now, or if they will be bundled with future stocks?

    When are you guys gonna come out with an in-depth inkshow on the Convertible Classmate? :)

  2. Rob

    02/05/2009 at 5:36 pm

    I am not sure, but I ca find out. Re the review – when they send us one…

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