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Vista and Office 2007 to be available via download, new upgrade prices



Lets’ hope that Microsoft has been pumping up those download pipes, because when Vista and Office 2007 are released on January 30, customers will be able to buy and download the software from Microsoft, who announced the program late Wednesday evening.

In addtion to announcing the new download options, there is word on regarding upgrade pricing, including a new option, called the Windows Vista Family Discount, to allow consumers to upgrade up to two other pc’s to Home Premium for $50 a copy if they have already purchased a retail copy of Vista Ultimate or upgraded via Windows Anytime Upgrade. This is initially available in North America ( U.S. and Canada).

 On January 30, you can go here ( broken link right now ) for more info on the Family Discount Program. On January 30, you can go here to purchase and download Vista and Office 2007.

Originally found on, more details on Microsoft’s Nick White’s blog:

For those who do buy Vista the normal way, Microsoft is launching a new program that makes it easier to upgrade from one edition of the operating system to another.

Here’s how that will work. For consumers, Vista will come in four flavors, Home Basic, which retails for $199, Home Premium ($239) Business ($299) and Ultimate ($399). Though consumers will pick one version when they buy a computer, higher versions will be embedded on the machine’s hard drive or packaged on discs that come with it.

Anyone who wants to move up the chain — from Home Basic to Home Premium for another $79, Home Basic to Ultimate ($199), Home Premium to Ultimate ($159), or Business to Ultimate ($139) — will be able to click a new ““Windows Anytime Upgrade” function, pay for the upgrade online and then receive a coded license ““key” that will unlock the more expensive edition.

Microsoft also plans a promotion that will let buyers of Vista Ultimate get $50 copies of Home Premium for two other PCs.

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