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Vista Experience Index on the Axiotron ModBook



I just rebooted the ModBook into Vista using Bootcamp. It runs remarkably similar to a regular Vista-based Tablet PC. What is remarkable about the ModBook is that it allows someone to run the Mac OS X and a Vista Tablet PC on the same box – a MacBook. Amazing

I ran the Experience Index in Vista and got the following scores:

  • Processor: 5.1
  • RAM ( 1 GB ): 4.5
  • Graphics: 3.5
  • Gaming: 3.5
  • Primary Hard disk: 5.1
  • Base score: 3.5

I will say that the ModBooks runs remarkably hotter than a regular MacBook. I twittered earlier that the fan doesn’t seem come on near as much in Vista, but I was wrong. It runs just as much and is just as hot.

The viewing angle on the ModBook is not near as good as other Tablet PCs I’ve used.

I’m definitely enjoying playing and experimenting with this ModBook, though – so many possibilities, so much to try, so much to compare.

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