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Vista Handwriting Personalization Software InkShow



VistatipinkshowHandwriting personalization in Vista is where it starts to get really interesting for Tablet PC users, and that is the focus of this Software InkShow.

In Windows XP SP2, the only method of ““training” the recognizer is to add words to the dictionary. That does help a lot when dealing with unknown words, but it doesn’t do anything for those odd characters like 4s, Ks, Vs, etc. With problem characters, you basically have to figure what the recognizer is looking for and tailor those characters to it.

With Vista, things are a whole lot better. You can now tailor the recognizer to your own handwriting and deal with those problem characters much easier. In this InkShow, I cover targeting specific problem characters and symbols, training the recognizer with sample sentences, turning on automatic learning based on corrections you’ve made, and  submitting problems to Microsoft for further analysis. I also go over how to transfer your personal recognizer to another Tablet PC.

I hope you enjoy this Software InkShow and it gives you something to look forward to in Vista.

Enjoy the show.

Video: Vista Handwriting Recognition with a Tablet PC InkShow

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