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Vista memory usage explanation



I complained in my recent review of my HP 2710P that the memory usage in Vista seemed really high, especially when compared to my usage in Windows XP. Today I came across an article describing the memory management in Vista and how it differs from Windows XP. Although I had heard about the new SuperFetch technology in Vista, it hadn’t ever really clicked that the memory usage I saw in Task Manager might be related to SuperFetch. The basic concept that Jeff from CodingHorror describes is to think of your system memory as available cache. When your open processes are using up just a small amount of memory, Vista uses some additional amount of memory as something like a "level 3" cache to speed up the general usage of the system. This memory usage is reported in Task Manager as in use and makes it look like you’re using a lot of memory.

The best quote: "The question shouldn’t be "Why does Vista use all my memory?", but "Why the heck did previous versions of Windows use my memory so ineffectively?""

Certainly made me understand the memory management on my Vista system much better!

Read the whole article at CodingHorror.


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