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Vista Movie Maker for non-Aero capable computers released



If readers remember, earlier this year, I and many others took Microsoft to task for not making Vista Movie Maker backwards compatible for non-Aero compatible graphics cards. This left many UMPC and Tablet PC owners out to dry in regards to producing videos using Movie Maker, something they were easily able to do with Windows XP.

Well, thanks to GBM Forum Member, JKKMobile, we just learned that Microsoft has released a version of Windows Vista Movie Maker that will run on computers that are not Aero capable, like those with the integrated Intel 915 graphics card, which are mostly in older tablet pcs and current UMPCs like the Samsung Q1, TabletKiosk eo i7210, etc. Kudo’s to Microsoft to listening to consumer feedback!

You can download this special version of Movie Maker here, and check out JKKMobile’s screenshot of creating a movie using this new version on a UMPC.

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