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Vista RC1 on Lucoms Solo M1 / Founder / EO 7200



GBM reader Chris Pirkner sent this in to us to share with all of our readers.  He found some drivers to to help everybody try out Vista RC1 – We’ll let Chris do the talking:

“I have just returned from a trip to Korea where I acquired a Lucoms Solo M1 (same model as Founder Mininote and EO 7200). I can report that a clean install of Vista RC1 will not work for audio, wifi, some mass storage controllers, the screen calibration, and the card reader.


I have finally located the drivers for these units at LINK. Its all in Chinese but they indeed are the correct ones :)


Now I am sitting on my couch with my touchscreen surfing the web and playing with Vista Media Center. Wifi works, audio works, screen calibration works. I am still downloading the bluetooth and camera but I hope those will works just as well.”

Just as a note – If you mouse over the links, look in the bottom left of your browser window – you can see in English the download name.  They are in RAR format – I use WinRAR.

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