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Rc1-1No doubt you have seen the reports that Vista RC1 is going to be made available next week. Well, thanks to Lora giving me the heads up ( through WNewquay), I checked out the beta site at ( only available to those who signed up to beta test Beta 2 ), and RC 1 has been uploaded! I’m downloading and installing it right now. If you are a Beta 2 subscriber, head over to and get going!

If RC1 is as stable or more stable than 5536, I will likely move 100% to Vista. The driver support for 5536 was amazing and the stability has been rock sold. I can’t remember the first crash over the past week since I installed 5536. I installed it on my son’s Gateway Tablet PC and everything but one driver got installed – rotation worked, buttons worked, glass was there, etc

I’m looking forward to getting this installed and hopefully using it in a production environment. The more applications I install to it over the next couple of weeks will prove that out for me. For right now, I’ll continue to dual-boot, though.

As you have probably seen in the Vista InkShows I’ve been doing, life for Tablet PC users is going to be really, really good.

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