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Vista Service Pack 1 Beta , Part 3



In Podcast #35, I mentioned that I was hoping to see some rough stuff with Vista Service Pack 1 Beta. It is why Microsoft released the beta Service Pack, after all. Little did I know that today would be my day.

As part of my ongoing testing, I tried to uninstall the Service Pack 1 Beta and have been met with consistent “An error has occured, and not all updates were successfully uninstalled.” – even after multiple reboots and retries. That’s a pretty big one if a person can’t uninstall a Service Pack. So I downloaded the Feedback program to report the bug, only to find that the Feedback program won’t install either, because it couldn’t find proper files.

I guess I’m going to have to find another way to report this bug because it appears I’m stuck in Service Pack 1 Beta Neverland.

Let’s see if I can find those restore disks……

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