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Vista SP 1 Finally Available for the Dell Latitude XT



Thanks to a heads up from Steve Seto, I went to Windows Update just a little while ago and installed 7 miscellaneous updates and rebooted. I then did a Check Updates in Windows Update, and boom – Vista SP 1 was there. I’m installing it right now.

Anyone else installing Vista SP 1? What was your experience like? Have you noticed any benefits?

UPDATE: The process went smooth as silk and took less than an hour. I have screen shots of the step by step process that I’ll post up in a bit. Something strange though – Vista recognized new hardware and wanted to refresh the experience index. I remember the numbers from before SP 1 installed and the base was 3.5. I ran the Experience Index tool and the number dropped by 1.2!

UPDATE 2: According to forum member Ch00k, the change in Experience Index actually occured when installing the ATI Video Card update just prior to Vista SP 1. Very odd.

By the way, there is a new BIOS update at the Dell Support Site for the Dell Latitude XT.

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After SP 1 update and running the Experience Index refresh


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