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Vista SP 1 Step By Step (With Screenshots)



Assuming your system has been cleared for take-off by the Vista SP 1 process, here are the steps (with pictures) to get Vista SP 1 going.

  1. Go to Windows Update and check for any updates.
  2. Download and install any that are there
  3. Reboot when prompted
  4. Go to Windows Update again and click Check For Updates
  5. When Vista SP 1 displays, download it and begin the install process

Here are the screen shots and pictures I took of the entire process after downloading Vista SP 1 via Windows Update. It took less than an hour. My download for the Dell Latitude XT was about 66 MB.

By the way, I used TechSmith’s SnagIt to grab all the screenshots, except for the Stage 1 – 3 shots when the OS wasn’t booted up.







vista sp1 steps 029

vista sp1 steps 030

vista sp1 steps 031

vista sp1 steps 032

vista sp1 steps 035

vista sp1 steps 036

vista sp1 steps 037

vista sp1 steps 038


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