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Vista SP1 FUD, Confusion, Mobile Computing, and CEOs Who Should Know Better



Warnerc2So, we reported what a lot of folks did last week that a Beta of Vista SP1 was just around the corner. We talked about it on this week’s GBM Podcast. The word trickling out seemed good, and who knows it might still be. Then yesterday comes word that Windows 7 is targeted for 2010 or so. Then today, ValleyWag is reporting (if you can call what ValleyWag does reporting) that Vista SP1 won’t hit until 2009. Give me a break.

The straight dope? There is no straight dope. Today. When we get the facts we’ll let you know. One thing is for sure. Most folks, especially those with mobile PCs, think Vista does need a service pack to take care of a few things. In recent blog posts, both James Kendrick and Loren Heiny list a familiar series of Vista “features” that a number of mobile types turn off in order to get good battery life and productivity out of their Vista machines. Yeah, Vista has its faults and we’ve chronicled some of our hesitations, reservations, concerns, and disappointments here on GBM as welll. And we’ll continue to do so.

JK and Loren are blogging in response to the recent comments by Acer GEO Gianfranco Lanci that “the whole industry is disappointed in Vista.”  I can see his point but he needs to point his finger in the mirror as well. There is certainly enough blame to go around as to why customers may not be rushing to buy new computers loaded with Vista. Let’s talk about device drivers, or rather the lack thereof. I can’t imagine why a small business would leap at the chance to buy new Vista machines when the manufacturers of their peripherals can’t come up with drivers that support it, can you? I know folks who have that spiffy Acer 64bit Ferrari who say it is a pretty paper weight given that they haven’t been able to get drivers for it. But then what’s six months between a customer and a manufacturer?

Yep there’s plenty of disappointment to go around. If you ask me it is with the whole industry.


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