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Vista SP1 Installed!!



vista sp1 But I cheated….

If you have been following the site, you know I have bee having a HECK of a time trying to get Vista SP1 installed on my Lenovo x61 Tablet PC.  Well, with my last effort this weekend, I have it installed.

I did everything I could to get things to work – I had some e-mails, some forum posts even used my own experience – Nothing worked.  The last step I made was to uninstall everything off my machine – even uninstalled drivers as well – like the video, network…  back to the windows generic/default – Still didn’t work.

What did I do?  I gave up!  Friday night I did the almost 3 GIG download of Vista with SP1 included – THAT installed just fine.  Unfortunately after 6-7 tries to do the upgrade I just couldn’t take it any more.  So, I am now running SP1 and all is fine, except for the time it’s taken me to reinstall everything back on this machine…..

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