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Vista SP1 Now In Wider Release For Beta Testing



Windows-vista-logoMicrosoft has expanded its Beta testing of Vista SP1 to a larger group of testers. I’ve downloaded it and will be testing it out this week, and I believe Rob has as well. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some early feedback on Vista SP1, you can check out what Brandon LeBlanc has to say on the Windows Vista blog.

One curious note that is hinted at but unexplained: the Search Box has been removed from the Start Menu.

UPDATE: Rob has done the install and says he still has a Search Box. Curious.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Apparently from some reprots Microsoft has corrected their blog on this as well, but as I’m reading Brandon LeBlanc’s blog I see the followng:

Microsoft has recently published a KB article outlining changes to Windows Vista’s desktop search in SP1 but I’d like to elaborate a little bit based on my own experience with the changes. Windows Vista SP1 allows the user to change their default desktop search provider from the built-in Windows Desktop Search that ships with Windows Vista to another 3rd party desktop search provider. As noted above, the Search option has been removed from the right side of the Start menu. Users will also notice “See all results” has disappeared when doing a search via the Start menu. Instead, you will see “Search Everywhere”. Search Everywhere will launch whatever is the user’s default desktop search program.  In Windows Explorer, users will also see a “Search Everywhere” option in the toolbar as well.


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