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Vista SP1 Showing 4gig of Memory Now?



4gig After a failed attempt at SP1, I thought there MIGHT be a reason to try again so quickly after getting recovered from the crash…  Maybe Vista would really see all 4 gig of my memory that I have in the Lenovo x61…  Forum member zegrafilm is reporting that his/her machine is now reporting all 4 gig of space – even with a screen shot.  But, after reading some more, and seeing K0LO’s comment in the same thread, I think it’s just a show, not useable…  dang!!

Part of the change log (as commented by K0LO in this same thread) states:

With SP1, Windows Vista will report the amount of system memory installed rather than report the amount of system memory available to the OS. Therefore 32-bit systems equipped with 4GB of RAM will report all 4BG in many places throughout the OS, such as the System Control Panel. However, this behavior is dependent on having a compatible BIOS, so not all users may notice this change.

Maybe I should try and put the 64bit OS on my x61, 64bit would actually see and use all 4gig of memory…  That would make for a fun weekend project!

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