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Vista Speech Recognition Ups The Volume



VoicerecognitionVoice recognition is one of those features that I flirt with and then always leave jilted at the alter. My work (and play) environment just don’t lend the proper atmosphere. (My staff thinks I’m crazy enough and when they hear me talking to myself, well, you get the picture.

Anyway, there are indeed improvements in Voice recognition in Windows Vista, and no it is not perfect yet. I’ll be interested to see if this increases others’ usage of voice recognition. After a particularly bad faux pas at a demonstration, a lot of folks where laughing at Microsoft’s efforts, but I’ve given the new voice-recognition in Vista a few work outs and I’ll say it is much improved. You still need a good quality microphone for the best results. For another look at Vista’s voice recognition take a look at this article by Reuben Schwartz. Also here’s a re-link to a screencast by Long Zheng that shows off some of the voice recognition features.  

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