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Vista Tablet PC Tips from the Tablet PC Team



Robert Scoble (in talking about those Apple Tablet rumors) links to a series of Vista Tips for Tablet PCs on the Tablet PC Team blog. Some things there I’m sure some already know, but I learned a few things checking this over this morning. For example, I didn’t know that the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) a part of the new graphics engine, which allows for the smooth scaling of the desktop and applications, makes it easier to adjust your fonts on higher res screens. You need to be able to run Aero Glass for that to work, by the way.

Some other interesting tips:

  • There is a registry hack to enlarge the caret (text insertion point.)
  • How to improve battery life by setting some features to only run when you are hooked into AC power.
  • How to turn off some functions of Aero Glass and keep others.
  • How to prevent some issues with the new round Start button on lower end graphics hardware.

Check them out here.

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