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Vista vs. Leopard



leopardvsvistai With the release of Leopard just around the corner, people are comparing Vista and Leopard to each other more and more.  I was watching the ‘Guided Tour‘ video and I also received my copy of Laptop Magazine in the mail.  There was a huge write up comparing the two.  This is going to be an interesting battle between them, and it’s interesting how much they have in common.

Give the article a read and report back what you think here in the comments.  There are many interesting features in the update, but to me it seems like they need to be doing this review after the release.  I think once people get their hands on the actual Leopard update, it will be a better comparison.  Some real live testing goes a long way.  Maybe I need to get a Mac to play with now that I am testing out some other OS’s (Installed Linux on my x60 Tablet PC not long ago :) )

How many of you have a Mac along side your Tablet PC?  How many of you are waiting for Mac to release a Tablet PC?

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