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Vizio PCs Will Have Surprise Easter Eggs After Windows 8 Upgrade



Vizio’s new PCs will ship with a pure Windows 7 image, but they’ll have a few surprises for users that upgrade to Windows 8.

According the The Verge, Vizio implemented some special easter eggs for Windows 8 users. Vizio CTO Matt McRae said the laptops will have a “pseudo-touch interface that’s pretty neat” when users install Windows 8. The feature has something to do with the large trackpads on the devices, but McRae wouldn’t get into any specifics.

The new Vizio Ultrabooks, notebooks, and All-In-Ones will ship with Windows 7 because the company wanted to get the machines out with the launch of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. The company worked closely with Intel the get the laptops as small as they are, so that only makes sense.

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Thanks to the timing of the release of the new device, Vizio PC buyers only need to pay $15 to upgrade to Windows 8. Vizio is planning some Windows 8 devices for next year, though for now it only has the small lineup of Windows 7 devices with hidden Windows 8 features.

We expect to see a number of interesting Ultrabooks and notebooks from Vizio after the Windows 8 launch. The company worked closely with Microsoft to optimize Windows 7 for its machines, and both companies are proud that Vizio devices have no bloatware at all.

McRae didn’t sound sure if Vizio will make Windows tablets, but there is a possibility. From his discussion with The Verge, he seems more willing to go after the Windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrid market like the Asus Taichi and Lenovo Yoga. Windows RT doesn’t do enough for McRae, and he’s particularly interested in Windows 8 tablets that also function as laptops.

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