Vodafone Teases iPhone 5 As Year's Biggest Smartphone Release
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Vodafone Teases iPhone 5 As Year’s Biggest Smartphone Release



We’re fairly certain that the iPhone 5 is going to be announced at the beginning of next month and it seems that Vodafone Australia wants those living down under to know that it’s coming soon. The carrier has posted a teaser page for what is presumably the next iPhone and states that the device hidden underneath the red fabric will be ‘this year’s biggest smartphone release.’

Now, it’s certainly possible that Vodafone is talking about an Android or Windows Phone device but because we are so close to the presumed iPhone 5 announcement, we’re pretty sure that this has everything to do with the iPhone 5 and nothing to do with the competition.


Vodafone offers to end the rumors about the device which actually means that you can put your email address in and get information about the iPhone 5’s release when it becomes official.

As for the announcement itself, Apple is widely believed to be announcing the next iPhone at an event on the Apple campus on October 4th with a worldwide release coming shortly thereafter.

So, if you live in Australia, head here to toss your email address into the hat.

Via: BGR

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