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vReveal Cleans Up Your Mobile Phone, Handheld Video Footage



vrevealMotionDSP released vReveal today and is offering a free 30-day trial that I recommend trying. vReveal is an application that analyzes video clips and enhances them automatically to improve camera shake, contrast, lighting and noise. It’s based on technology originally built for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

I enjoy using compact video cameras, but it’s tough to shoot steady video clips with compact devices. Shooting video with a phone or tiny camcorder is convenient, but it’s often unwatchable. vReveal is not an editing tool, but an ‘easy button’ for getting your videos off of your camera, making them watchable and publishing them on YouTube.

(Click the TV in the bottom-right corner of the video player to view in full screen)
I was skeptical when I saw the vReveal demo at CES 2009, but I’m completely sold on the product after downloading the trial version myself. I recorded a quick video of some buses and cars driving through my neighborhood. The original footage is on the left and the enhanced version’s on the right. The magic of vReveal is especially noticeable when I start walking down the street.This product is something I highly recommend for anyone that records a lot of videos using their mobile devices.

vReveal can run on any Windows machine, but it’s up to five times faster on systems with an NVIDIA GPU because it’s designed for CUDA. Rene Haas posted several more video demos and blogged more about the technical aspects of vReveal and CUDA   today.

One limitation I found is that it can’t enhance HD video, but a Motion DSP executive told me that HD compatibility will most likely be announced at NAB in April.

You can download a trial of vReveal here.

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