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VyewWe love it when a GottaBeMobile reader sends us a tip that is useful, and we like to pass it on.  GBM reader Ric Brennan came across this item and shared it with us.  The application is a realtime sharing client that is web based and works with a pen on a Tablet PC.  Ric had this to say in his email to [email protected]:

“I saw this new collaboration tool today. Vyew. I am not connected with them in any way, but I ran across it and it seems like an interesting fit for pen-based users. It’s particularly good if you have a presentation or drawing that you want to share with someone.  It is all browser based – you essentially invite someone to view a part of your screen,  They respond to the initiation, and put in a a password that you have chosen, and they can see your presentation, or whatever.  Now – here’s the tablet angle – while you are presenting, they can mark-up or draw on the image, and everyone sees everyone’s marks.  So, where in most screen sharing programs you have to give control to someone (one person is “host” at a time), here everyone can have input via mouse or pen, at the same time.  It seems particularly well suited to pen-based environment.  And, hey – it’s free for up to 20 people in a meeting.  (Who wants an interactive meeting with more than 20 people, anyway?)  Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, too.

It looks like a nicely developing application, it is free, and they have some additional features coming soon.  Here is what “Vyew” says about their service:


What is Vyew?
Vyew is a browser-based conferencing and always-on collaboration platform that provides instant visual communication without the need for client downloads or installations.  Vyew’s multimedia workspace enables shared viewing of presentations, files, photos and one’s desktop. Included are tools for whiteboarding, annotating, text chatting, and phone conferencing.”

I did go out to the site, sign up and play a bit.  It definitely works, but the ink was just a bit laggy, but would be sufficient for it’s purposes in doing comments, markup, etc.  They do not have some features like live desktop sharing (you can do snapshots), but are plnning on adding it in a future version.  But considering it’s free, it has a good basic set of functionality, and they are promising more.

So head over and check it out, and be sure and report back to GottaBeMobile on how you did there, we’d love to hear it.

Thanks for the tip Ric!


(via – Free Web-Based Collaboration)

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