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Wacky Weekend Gadget Roundup



Boomshoe_320x240As we cover the Intertubes looking for news here at we come across all sorts of gadgets and geekery. When we find things that we think fit into our Mobile Tech/Tablet PC/UMPC focus we bring them to the pages of GBM straight away.

But we also find lots of cool, unusual, wacky, and sometimes questionable gadgets that we think just don’t fit, or that pop up in the middle of a busy news week. So, twice a month or so on weekends, we’ll be posting up some links to some of those wacky, wild, and occasionally wonderful gadgets that cross our paths. We’ll be pulling from all the familiar sources and also ones that aren’t so familiar. And we’d love to get gadget tips from you as well. So if you see something that might be a little off topic, drop us a line at [email protected] and it might make the cut. Hope you enjoy the fun. We do.

Kinetic Energy Battery Charging: OK, so this first one is a concept and not a gadget. Take the things we already do in life, (working out, flushing a toilet, vacuuming, etc..) and turn that kinetic energy into human powered battery charging. Via Gizmodo


BlueTooth Mini-Phone: Don’t like those Borg-like BlueTooth headsets. How about a BlueTooth Mini-Phone that hangs around your neck? Via Engadget.


Stanley Multi-functional Pen: How about a pen that serves as a ruler, a stylus, a highlighter, and a lead pencil? Via BoingBoing


Connectland USB Re-chargeable Shaver: As we head into the Christmas season there is one thing you can be sure of: We’ll see all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that use a USB port. How about re-chargeable shaver to plug into that USB port? Via SlashGear


Harry Potter Broom Game Controller: For all the wizard-like gamers out there, how about a game controller broomstick? Via Gizmodo


Space Invaders Door Mat: This supposedly will give unwanted visitors the idea to back off. Via CrunchGear.


BoomBox in a Shoe: For mobile music lovers who just can’t give up on CDs and want there music when they’re out and about, here’s a BoomBox in a Shoe. It’s only a concept. I think that’s a good thing. Via Crave



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