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Wacky Windows 8 Ads Feature Watermelons, Ping Pong Piano & Models



In new advertisements to promote its Windows 8 operating system to Japanese technology users, Microsoft may have indeed gone off the beaten path with three new ads involving a haze of watermelon carving and piano players battling with paddles.

Each of the advertisements, which are now also available on YouTube in addition to airing in Japan, draws the watcher in with people acting nutty, followed by a tag line that describes Windows 8.

In Windows 8 Training Camp: Makeup, three women are seen putting on makeup in front of a timer and then judging how they look in a mirror, hinting at this ad’s particularly tagline “beautiful and fast”. Windows 8 uses Microsoft’s Metro design language to create an interface that’s altogether different from the windows that previously dominated all other versions of Windows.

Meanwhile in Windows 8 Training Camp: Piano, two well-dressed piano players are seen battling for ping pong supremacy while playing the piano using paddles that have been attached to the back of their clothing. This add closes with the tagline “Work and play”, putting the duality of Windows 8’s interfaces and its goal of being for both entertainment and every day work, front and center.

Of all three ads, Windows 8 Training Camp: Watermelon, might just be the most outlandish. In it, three gentlemen are seen using their fingers to create their own unique interpretations of watermelon carvings.  The commercial then ends with the tag line “power of touch”, an homage to Windows 8’s new touch screen interface.

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Altogether these new advertisements are strikingly different from the ones currently aired in the United States. Those ads depict various tasks being performed on different Windows 8 form factors and are meant to focus on the idea the Windows 8 can be used effectively on different types of devices.

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