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Wacom and E Ink Partner Up to Bring Pen Input to Paper Displays



This has tremendous potential for those of us who like to read e-books / newspapers and mark them up using a digital pen:


Wacom and E Ink Corporation announced today a partnership that will integrate Wacom’s Penabled(R) digital pen input solution with E Ink’s Vizplex(TM) electronic paper displays. With pen input high on the list of many eBook, Tablet PC, eNewspaper, PDA, eNotepad and appliance-type designers, the Wacom and E Ink partnership comes at an ideal time for mobile computing manufacturers looking to develop new and exciting consumer products.

E Ink’s Broadsheet AM300 prototyping kit, available in a 6 inch diagonal size in June and other sizes later, combines the two technologies in a solution that mobile computing manufacturers can easily integrate into their product designs.

Electronic paper with pen input is ideal for reviewing documents on a portable device. E Ink Vizplex displays enable slimmer devices to have bigger screens that are easy on the eyes, even in ambient light. The intuitive nature of pen input makes it easy to navigate, write down ideas, highlight points of interest, as well as sketch or draw. Together the technologies achieve the ultimate vision of an interactive piece of paper.

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