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Wacom Goes Capacitive Touch



At CES 2008, we brought you word that Wacom was going to be bringing capacitive touch out this year. Today, Wacom is announcing their capacitive touch technology and will be unveiling it May 20 – 22 at the International Society for Information Display Exhibition in Los Angeles.

Here are the details via PRNewsWire:

Wacom introduced new innovation in capacitive touchscreen technology, called Reversing Ramped Field Capacitive (RRFC) touch, that will be publicly unveiled at the International Society for Information Display Exhibition, booth #1129, May 20 to 22, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Wacom’s patent-pending technology employs newly designed low-power circuitry and reversing ramped electro-static fields to provide pinpoint precision and drift-free performance to touchscreen users. The technology can be integrated into dual-input applications with Wacom’s market-leading EMR pen-input technology for Tablet PC OEMs or work by itself on other platforms that require only a finger touch interface. With this newly developed technology, Wacom can provide true flexibility to OEM partners seeking best-in-class interface solutions.

Our new proprietary RRFC touch technology is exciting on a couple of fronts,” said Shawn Gray, Wacom’s Director of Touchscreen Operations. “New controller processing methods and system design provide extremely accurate pointing at much lower power consumption levels and without increased cost. These factors and others, such as ease of integration and stability, position Wacom RRFC touch as a natural alternative to resistive, surface acoustic wave and infrared touch technologies. Any OEM should seriously look at Wacom’s solution when deciding to move beyond resistive touch solutions on portable devices or when seeking to find new and exciting capacitive touch performance in AC-powered applications.”

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